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XK6140 CNC milling machine

Machine features:
1), the machine structure itself has enough rigidity, can withstand heavy cutting work.
2), the machine has enough power and a wide range of speed, give full play to the effectiveness of the tool, and can use carbide cutting tools for high-speed cutting.
3), machine operation is simple and convenient. Operation panel in the numerical control system has a spindle forward, reverse, stop, cooling system switch and other operating buttons.
4), the spindle speed change impulse device, so that the gear meshing smoothly.
5) The important transmission parts of the machine are made of alloy steel. Parts of the parts that are easy to wear are made of wear-resistant material and the anti-chip device on the guide rail of the machine, all of these ensure that the machine tool has a long enough service life.
6), the machine can be down milling and milling work. Workstations can move fast in all three directions (portrait, landscape, and vertical), reducing turnaround times and increasing productivity.
7), the machine has a complete lubrication system, important transmission parts and bearings, automatic lubrication by the motor oil pump, with indicators for frequent inspections. The parts that need to be manually lubricated are located at obvious points.
8), the machine tool spindle electromagnetic clutch brake, brake quickly and smoothly. When processing is completed or other safety reasons need to stop the machine, just press the "emergency stop" button, the machine's entire movement immediately stop.
9), the major drive shaft and the spindle are mounted on the rolling bearings to improve transmission efficiency, the spindle bearing can also be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the spindle.
10), easy to wear parts have to eliminate the gap adjustment device to ensure the accuracy and smooth work machine.
11), the machine has a good safety device. Limited stroke bumper to ensure operator and machine safety.




Machine main specifications:

  project name unit parameter
Workbench Table area (width × length) mm 400×1700mm
Table maximum longitudinal travel mm 900mm
Table maximum horizontal travel mm 315mm
Maximum vertical table travel mm 380mm
T-slot number   three
T-slot width T-slot spacing mm 18mm
T-groove distance mm 90mm
Spindle Spindle taper   7:24(ISO NO.50)
Spindle aperture mm 29mm
Arbor diameter   32;50mm
The main dimensions between components
Spindle end to table surface distance mm 30mm/410 mm
Spindle axis to the bottom of the cantilever distance mm 190mm
Bed vertical rail to the table center T-slot center distance mm 235~580mm
Motor performance Spindle speed series   18 level
Spindle speed range r/min 30~1500(r/min)
Table longitudinal fast feed range
mm/min 6-3500(mm/min)
Table horizontal fast feed range mm/min 6-3500(mm/min)
Table vertical rapid feed range mm/min 6-1800(mm/min)
Table longitudinal fast feed range mm/min


Table horizontal fast feed range mm/min


Table vertical rapid feed range mm/min


Power, size and weight Power requirements   380V±10%,50HZ±1HZ
Main drive motor power kW 11kW
Main drive motor speed r/min 1440r/min
Longitudinal feed motor power kW 1.5kW
Lateral feed motor power kW 1.5kW
Vertical feed motor power kW 4.5kW
Cooling pump motor power kg 0.125kg
Cooling pump motor speed r/min


Machine dimensions (length × width × height) mm 2600×2190×2400mm
Machine weight kg 4000kg