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XK-1250 CNC boring and milling machine (horizontal)

Machine main features:
1.XK-1250 bed and other key components are used Mihanna (bake) casting. Casting material grade is FC-30. Casting structure using one-piece molding technology, box structure, its advantages: high stability, small deformation, can effectively inhibit vibration, greatly extending the service life of machine tools. Coupled with the unique structure of the corresponding components of precision machining, heavy cutting outstanding performance. The driver The bed strictly according to the ISO static precision inspection standard organization each production process strict checks the excellence.The factory machine conforms to the national JB / T8771.2-1998 standard
Note: bimetal castings casting process control its application
  Casting process control of dense metal casting (Meehanite Metal Casting); bimetallic casting is subject to a series of stringent casting process control, such as the carbon graphite (GC) and carbon content (CC) content of the iron material control; metallurgy quality Ie Cleanness and Under Cooling degree control; Wedge Value control after inoculation with CA-SI; 5 elements, alloying elements and nitrogen (N) content Control, etc., after re-casting extremely easy to Di wave expected to wave iron base and graphite distribution, improve the mechanical properties. In addition, in order to prevent deformation after processing, the castings are completely annealed to eliminate internal stress.
Secret drying GC40 type (GC275) of the application
Baking type GC40 most suitable for casting thickness of 10-15mm homogeneous castings. Such material structure of dense, good strength, low coefficient of friction, and has self-lubricating, so the surface hardness after quenching HRC48-52, used in the metal surface friction caused by thermal shock on the workpiece, such as the machine tool Three-axis feed, countertops and so on.
1. The head, fuselage, saddle, base, workbench, use advanced cast iron FC-30 material, and the stress relief treatment, mechanical precision and stability, good rigidity.
2. Unique bed column up and down structure, high precision and stability, heavy cutting ability outstanding.
3. Box base with sliding column design, greatly increasing the column and the base of the contact area.
4. Y-axis with steel rails, X, Y rails for high rigidity hard track, and after induction hardening (including table) and then precision grinding, and paste with a special synthetic resin (TURCITE) carefully scraping, long Years to maintain accuracy.
5.Installation of the upright column The 8-section gearboxes are driven by the horizontal spindle, the gearboxes are oil-bath lubricated, and the gears are made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel for heat treatment and grinding. The lowest noise, the smallest vibration and the optimized cutting surface
6. Spindle with precision large ball bearings, and has focused on lubrication devices, and the spindle can be a long time in high-speed operation to maintain the temperature rise.
7. Three-axis are used C3 precision ball screw, X-axis pre-tensioned support at both ends of the seat design to eliminate drive backlash and pre-compensation temperature error caused by errors to ensure positioning accuracy.
8. The Division of the machine produced by Renishaw laser measurement test for the machine three-axis travel part of the 100% full inspection, internal control inspection standard JRS full stroke inspection, to minimize the deviation of the machine itself to ensure that Machine positioning accuracy.
9. To ensure the quality of the whole machine, the main outsourcing parts are made by famous brand manufacturers:
  Controller: Siemens
  Servo motor: China
  Bearings: Spindle and the main key bearings with NSK.
  Spindle: Bot Seiko
  Spindle gear: Shenyang Machine Tool Gear Factory
  Ball screw: Han River
  Electrical components: Schneider
Lubrication system: Proton